Thursday, September 12, 2013

Leonard Peltier: Thank You and Bless You

For all of my friends and family out there celebrating my birthday,
I wish I was out there with you!  But since I can't be,  enjoy the day.  Have extra kind words for each other.  Put a smile on someone's face. Wipe the tears from someone who is crying.  Be a  brother or sister to someone in the struggle.  Do something kind for our elderly and something gentle for our babies.  Be the voice for those who are afraid to speak. Be the protector for the weak.  In doing that, you are a warrior for our people.  It is my prayer that the Creator touches you with good health and happiness and that you live to enjoy many, many more years to come. 
Thank you for remembering me on this day, the day the Creator breathed life into me. I am truly blessed with your friendship.
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier


  1. I cannot believe this guy is STILL in jail!

  2. Was'te yelo Leonard.... Hoke He.... wopila tanka Tunkasila.... aho

  3. Happy Birthday, Leonard! Thank you for blessing us with your grace and humanity! You are forever in our thoughts and prayers! The Struggle Continues!!!