Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 30: "Freedom of Information: The FBI, Indian Country & Surveillance" to feature the art of Leonard Peltier

Freedom of Information: The FBI, Indian Country, & Surveillance. 30 April - 16 May. Ahalenia Studios • 1422 Second Street • Santa Fe, New Mexico • Contact. This art show explores the personal experiences of artists who have been incarcerated, threatened, attacked, or spied upon by the FBI, but also artists who have worked with the FBI as prosecutors and who have been helped by the FBI in investigations. Artists explore the effect of these experiences on their personal lives. We also examine how, due to technological advances, surveillance has become utterly ubiquitous and even accepted in today's world. What does this lack of privacy mean to us individually and collectively? How does it change our behavior? And where ultimately will it lead us? See http://www.ahalenia.com/freedom/.

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