Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not Receiving Your Peltier Newsletter?


Add us to your list of approved e-mail senders (white list) or to your address book. That will help ensure that our news reaches you. Also, check for our messages in your junk/spam folder. If the problem persists, you may wish to contact your e-mail administrator or Internet Service Provider.

Please note that if our messages bounce back several times, your e-mail address will automatically be removed from our mailing list. Be certain that your e-mail address is current and that your inbox isn't over quota.

Do you forward our newsletters? You'll notice that at the bottom of our newsletter there's a link for unsubscribing from our list. That link is specific to the subscriber—meaning you. We recommend that you remove the link before forwarding our newsletter to anyone else. Why? If you don't, others may intentionally or accidentally click on the link and thereby unsubscribe you from the list.

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