Friday, November 5, 2010

Rapid City: Prayer circle for Leonard Peltier

Prayer circle for Leonard Peltier
Friday, 05 November 2010 12:08

...for 35 years his supporters have praised him as an American Indian activist and called for his release. Some of them showed that support for Leonard Peltier again Friday with a prayer circle outside the Federal Courthouse in downtown Rapid City. Peltier is serving two life sentences for the deaths of two FBI agents in 1975.

Peltier claims he was framed by the FBI an allegation the agency has always denied. The local president of the United Urban Warrior Society said that if people look at the facts, they'll see Peltier was falsely accused and he'd like an independent justice system to look into the case.

James Swan says, "What we want people to realize is that this is an injustice and that Leonard Peltier is a political prisoner. And at the same time everyone's preaching unity and reconciliation, this stuff still goes on."

Friday's events held in honor of Peltier and other political prisoners were meant to coincide with the United States' report on its human rights record ... presented today to a United Nations' working group in Geneva, Switzerland.

Julie Oberlander

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