Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oglala Sioux Tribe Proclamation on Behalf of Leonard Peltier

The Oglala Commemoration, The LPDOC and The Oglala Lakota Tribe are very excited to announce that June 26th had been declared Leonard Peltier Day.
A Further statement will be issued by Dorothy Ninham Directly from the 14th Annual Oglala Commemoration.


Oglala Sioux Tribe
Office of The President

A Presidential & Vice Presidential Proclamation
Proclaiming June 26, 2013 as Leonard Peltier Day.

Whereas, June 26, 1975, is a historical day on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and

Whereas, The Oglala Sioux Tribe holds in high esteem people who stand for peace, justice and freedom, and

Whereas, Leonard Peltier, a man asked to stand and protect traditional elders and the Lakota Oyate, sacrificed himself that day, and

Whereas, we hereby proclaim this day so the Oyate and the world will know and honor Mr. Peltier and remember that we as a people continue to heal, and

Whereas, although Mr. Peltier cannot be in attendance for this historic event, we must and will continue his work to heal a nation through human rights, social rights and indigenous rights all over the world, now

Therefore, pursuant to vested authority, we do as President and Vice President of the of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, hereby proclaim June 26, 2013 as a day of honoring for Mr. Leonard Peltier and hereafter every 26th day of June.

Signed/Sealed By

President Bryan Brewer
Vice-President Thomas Poor Bear