Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ZOOM IN Campaign Update

The outpouring of support for the new campaign is overwhelming and we can't thank everyone enough for their enthusiastic participation. Support branches that haven't checked in, please do so today. Send an e-mail to We're planning some special activities to help you with the public education aspects of the campaign. We need to hear from you to help with scheduling.

The first response to the new campaign was received from Verlon Jose, Chairman, Tohono O'odham Legislative Council (AZ) and we've heard from many long-time supporters like Ted Glick and Pam Africa. We're very pleased to have them on board.

One of our support branches in New Mexico already has plans to canvass community events to educate folks and get as many people involved as possible.

Not to be outdone, supporters in Europe are hard at work, as well.

People are having fun with the idea, too--showing their hobbies, occupations, and cultures through the clothes they wear for their photos.

Leonard is thrilled with the response. Keep up the great work.

It's easy to join in. Learn all about the campaign on our Web site at

Don't have a printer? Make your own sign. Just make certain it's large and clear enough to be visible in your photo and that it says, "Executive Review NOW!" Don't know how to create your personal flyer? Drop us a line and we'll help. For the answers to your questions and technical assistance, send an e-mail to

Okay, everybody, strike a pose!

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