Monday, February 1, 2010

Cindy Sheehan on Leonard Peltier

Blast from the Past (MP3, Click to Listen)

January 31, 2010 - SOAPBOX #49 - Cindy says farewell to beloved and revered Howard Zinn (August 24, 1922 - January 27, 2010), an inspiring and influentual American historian, author, activist, playwright, intellectual and Professor of Political Science at Boston University from 1964 to 1988. He was interviewed on this show by guest-host Cynthia McKinney on September 27, 2009. His trenchant insights are especially valuable now following the attempted health care reform melt-down and the planned "budget freeze" on help for the people - but not on help for the war industry. Cindy replays the interview.

She also hosts Betty Ann Peltier, brother of designated (and innocent) Leonard Peltier, scapegoat for the deaths of two FBI agents at Wounded Knee in the 1970s. (At one time it was widely known that the FBI never proved Leonard was even at Wounded Knee when the agents died.) The interview begins at 45:20 minutes.

Please tune in and let us inform you. It's worth checking out!

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