Friday, February 5, 2010

Educate Others: Leonard Peltier

Raise Awareness About Peltier's Case

Due to the political nature of the Peltier case, a high level of public awareness is critical if new legal efforts are to succeed. Here's some of the things you can do to educate your community about the Peltier case:
  • Set up literature tables at events/public places. Download publications (see links under Resources on our main menu).
  • Organize teach-ins.
  • Host speaking engagements with Peltier spokespeople.
  • Plan showings of electronic media. While "Incident at Oglala" is out of print, copies still in circulation are often available for purchase from, eBay, etc., and VHS and DVD copies are available to rent in many rental outlets. also offers a downloadable, low-cost digital version. Restrictions apply. We also strongly recommend "Warrior," on VHS. Order online through Native Videos.
  • Write letters to editors of local newspapers. Click here for newspapers in your state. Also read these tips.
  • Encourage community television stations to highlight the case. Click here for TV stations in your state.
  • Place calls to radio call-in shows. Express your opinions and educate others.
  • Hold book readings featuring "My Life Is My Sun Dance" by Leonard Peltier.

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