Saturday, June 26, 2010

Indigenous News from the US Social Forum-Detroit

Censored News

The Social Forum in Detroit continues with a healing walk on Saturday and report from Bolivia's Ambassador
New videos, photos and articles at Censored News:
Indigenous Peoples at US Social Forum: Halting the Legacy of Genocide
Art Manuel: Indigenous First Impacted by Resource Extraction
Indigenous Groups Lead Struggle Against Canada's Tar Sands
VIDEO: Tewa Women United at US Social Forum
VIDEO: Navajos Oppose Uranium Mining: US Social Forum
Photos: Toronto Indigenous Day of Action
Native Peoples Assembly: US Social Forum Detroit
Native Peoples Reporting: US Social Forum
Live Earthcycles Thursday US Social Forum
Earthcycles Live at Social Forum
Photos Native American Welcome Dinner: US Social Forum
North American Indigenous Peoples Developing Solutions
Jerry Fisher's Photos: US Social Forum Detroit
Earthcycles Live: Tom Goldtooth, IEN, at US Social Forum
Disturbing Obama's Universe
US Social Forum: More photos by Brita Brookes
US Social Forum Detroit Photos by Brita Brookes
Photos US Social Forum Detroit by Orin Langelle
Earthcycles Live at US Social Forum Detroit
US Social Forum Live/Free Speech TV

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