Thursday, August 26, 2010

Speak Up for the Cultural Rights of First Nations

The Universal Declaration of Human RightsImage by speakingoffaith via Flickr It is time for us to make our voices heard at the United Nations.

The Testify Project collects stories of injustice from throughout the United States through one-minute video and one-page written testimony. The top videos and stories will be screened for United Nations delegates in Geneva, Switzerland, in preparation for the United States’ Universal Periodic Review.

Today, we were informed that videos and written testimony submitted, to date, haven't addressed issues such as the American prison population and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

In addition, the report on human rights submitted to the UN on 20 August by the U.S. Department of State failed to address the U.S. abuse of prisoner rights and completely ignored many of the issues raised by Indigenous Peoples at the listening sessions hosted by the State Department earlier this year. Although highlighted by all Indigenous Peoples who participated at the listening sessions, for example, no mention was made with regard to religious rights and the protection of Sacred Places.

We cannot -- MUST NOT -- let this stand.


On 05 November, at the UN (Geneva, Switzerland), Secretary of State Clinton and Attorney General Holder will formally present the report on human rights on behalf of the United States. Are you going to count on them to tell YOUR story?

Write a one-page testimony about human rights abuses in your community and send your testimony to

Submit a video to the Testify Project. For instructions, visit

Don't wait. Do it today. Tell UN delegates the REAL deal about human rights in the United States!

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