Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rally in SF: Tell Obama to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

The Keystone XL pipeline is one of the dirtiest and most dangerous projects on the planet. If built, it would be a fuse to the second-largest store of carbon in the world, the Canadian tar sands -- and potential spills along the pipeline route would threaten the largest freshwater aquifer in the United States. Indian Country will be affected in catastrophic ways--the Nations in South Dakota, in particular.

But here's the good news: we have a fighting chance to stop this pipeline. The decision to build -- or cancel -- the Keystone XL lies with President Obama alone. This time, he can't hide behind a dysfunctional senate or a broken political system.

The campaign is reaching a tipping point: in the last week there was a front-page article in the Washington Post, an amazing video op-ed from Robert Redford in the New York Times, and grassroots activists are taking a stand against the pipeline just about everywhere Obama goes.

In the San Francisco Bay Area

What: President Obama "YES YOU CAN Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline" rally

Where: 3rd St. and Howard St., across from the W Hotel

When: Tuesday, October 25th - 11:30 am

Why: Because Keystone XL isn't CHANGE!

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