Wednesday, October 9, 2013

09 October: Human Rights Analysis of the Death Penalty in U.S. Prisons

The death penalty constitutes an inherent violation of the most fundamental of all human rights: the right to live. Not only are death row prisoners being denied this fundamental right in a process known to be rife with errors and discrimination, but in states like California and Louisiana, they are also being held, sometimes for decades on end, in conditions that clearly violate the UN Convention Against Torture.

Join us today at 6PM via LIVE-STREAM for a panel event with UN Special Rapporteur Juan Mendez, activists, and human rights lawyers. We will discuss the new report "Discrimination, Torture, and Execution: A Human Rights Analysis of the Death Penalty in U.S. Prisons," released today by the
Center for Constitutional Rights and FIDH - International Federation for Human Rights.

Read the report and watch the panel at:

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