Thursday, January 5, 2012

Influence Avaaz to Support Leonard Peltier

With over 10 million members worldwide, Avaaz is a campaigning community bringing people-powered politics to decision-making worldwide.

If you're not a member, go to and join.

Each year, Avaaz sets overall priorities through all-member polls. Campaign ideas are polled and tested weekly to 10,000-member random samples. Only initiatives that find a strong response are taken to scale. Campaigns that do reach the full membership are then super-charged by, often, hundreds of thousands of Avaaz members taking part within days or even hours.

We have an opportunity to get Avaaz to take up a campaign for Leonard's freedom. Peltier supporters who are Avaaz members should go to to take a poll regarding the issues you think Avaaz should address in 2012. Urge Avaaz to stand with Leonard Peltier.

Help spread the word and get other Avaaz members around the world to support freedom for Leonard Peltier.

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